BEELE Engineering operates in a wide variety of markets on a global base. This is the reason to have the ability to research and test sealing systems beyond the scope of the requirements according to standard test procedures and regulations.

Moreover, BEELE Engineering is approached on a regular basis to find solutions for exsting problems and/or for advice how to install the existing sealing systems in certain environments.

The R&D team is continuously working on new systems/products, improving the existing product lines and carrying out test after test to guarantee the systems meet as a minimum the requirements.

We are working at sites to investigate the problems and to train installers “how-to-do”.

These activities might be interesting to share. News about developments/applications will be published on our website on a regular basis.

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Beele Engineering sponsort het team van University Racing Eindhoven

Beele Engineering sponsort met ingang van 1 januari 2017 het team van University Racing Eindhoven. Daarmee werken nu beide partners aan het slogan van het raceteam: Educating the Engineers of the Future. Read more »

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