Although we are regularly bombarded by media reports about fires and flooding that are disastrous in terms of human lives lost or sheer material damage, if it doesn’t affect us personally, we are often so absorbed in our daily routine that the causes and effects of even the most shocking news tend to get pushed to the background very quickly.

At BEELE, what makes headline news today is never forgotten by tomorrow. Quite the opposite; it generates a desire to discover what went wrong and how to address that. We take safety very seriously, as is proven with the ongoing investments in research, development, production and testing that enable us to contribute to the safety of
human beings, the installations in which they work and the natural environment that we all share.

The drive to develop new products and technologies, coupled with pioneering know-how, is present in every fiber of our organization. To this end, I’m very pleased to announce the launch of the new Sealing Valley –

The BEELE Engineering Center for Excellence and Technology Advancement

It is here that we will not only continue to develop technology in the area of prevention, we will also share our expertise with the greater community, and ensure knowledge transfer to the next generation.

The world is changing, technologically, socially and environmentally. We know that constant innovation and testing is the key to meeting the unique requirements of each
environment and operating successfully on an international scale. And we believe innovation, at its core, involves sharing knowledge with others so that collectively we can solve problems and prevent calamities around the world.

At BEELE, we don’t follow trends, we set them. Won’t you join us?

Hans Beele, President

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